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Road repair work started in Rajgarh area: Rajender Thakur


The plight of the roads of the Rajgarh sub-division is not hidden from anyone. Today, when there is a situation of lockdown in the entire area, we demand from the administration that it should take appropriate steps to improve the condition of the roads, because there is less movement of vehicles on the roads, then there will be no problem in working. Rajendra Thakur, former president of Youth Congress Pachad, made this demand in a press release issued to the media. Rajendra Thakur said that nowadays work is being started on the National Highway and State Highway, so why not try to repair the roads in our backward region as well. I would like to know from the representatives of our region that they have a master plan for the roads of our region or will the politics of accusation against each other continue. The condition of the roads is so bad that there are pits in the roads or it does not seem to rot in the pits. The condition of Solan Minas major road is getting crispy day by day. Eight months before today, when there was a by-election in Pakchhad, the leaders of the big BJP government had come to the Pakhad assembly and made very big election promises. But today when the election was won, there is no progress in Rajgarh. In such a situation, we request the MLA to take appropriate action on this.

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