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Special Program on International Yoga Day



On the occasion of International Yoga Day, a special event was organized at the synthetic track in Dharamshala, with enthusiastic participation from 510 cadets. This year's theme, "Yoga for Self and Society," highlighted the importance of yoga in both personal and social life.

The program, held at Central University, featured Camp Commandant Colonel Sanjay Shandil as the distinguished guest. He was honored with a traditional Himachali cap and shawl. Colonel Sanjay Shandil was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Poonam Shandil, at the event.

Colonel Sanjay Shandil raised awareness about the significance of yoga among the cadets, encouraging them to practice yoga regularly. He shared his experiences, emphasizing how yoga is crucial not only for physical health but also for mental peace.

The event took place at the synthetic track in Dharamshala, where cadets performed yoga under the open sky, enjoying the fresh air of the beautiful valleys. This experience was unique and invigorating for the cadets.

After the yoga session, the cadets visited the Kangra Art Museum, where they learned about various beautiful paintings, arts, and crafts. They also enjoyed the scenic beauty of the Dhauladhar ranges and the picturesque views of Dharamshala.

The International Yoga Day program was extremely educational and inspiring for the cadets. Colonel Sanjay Shandil's presence and insights made the event even more special. All participants fully utilized this opportunity and understood the importance of yoga.

This program proved to be a source of inspiration not only for the cadets but also for the entire society, promoting the message of incorporating yoga as an integral part of daily life.

The special event on International Yoga Day highlighted the importance of yoga and provided cadets with a unique experience. Colonel Sanjay Shandil's presence made the program even more meaningful, imparting new awareness and motivation towards yoga among all participants.

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